Friday, July 16, 2010

Ugly, Awkward Kitchens....

My sister has herself an ugly, awkward kitchen.

She wants you to look at it.

If enough people agree, then she gets to have it remodeled.

I think that if she gets it remodeled, she should leave the intercom system.

In fact, I would use some of that money to have it upgraded.

Perhaps you could have it wired to speak to other people's houses.

Maybe the White House.

President Obama would be eating his yogurt and banana, and my sister would say into her new $30,000 intercom system "I think today, we should bomb Belgium. Coriander be damned, wheat beers are bullshit."

Or maybe Mickey Rourke's house. I tend to think introducing a random voice into Mickey Rourke's world, telling him to alphabetize all the raisins in the world....well, that might be par for the course.

But you get my drift.

Anyway, watch the video. I've always wondered about the two sliding doors, myself.

Rate it 5.

My sister gets a new kitchen.

And she won't beat me senseless with that wall sconce.

Is that how you spell wall sconce?

It's how I spell it.


Blogger Jerry in Indiana said...

That's a NuTone intercom! Why do I know that? My parents have the exact same model in their house. It no longer functions but the intercoms (numbered 1 thru 8) are still very much present throughout the house.

Does the model in your sister's house still function?


1:38 AM  

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