Monday, July 25, 2011

On Absent Friends...

Thinking about a friend I haven't seen, lately. It's life. You grow up. You work. People float away. Yeah. Just kinda wondering. We called him Pooh, on account of his being so laid back. If that guy was anymore laid back, he'd be asleep. Pooh was a good guy. A good friend. Would do anything in the world you asked.

Loyal. That guy was the most loyal man I've ever known. Even after T got run up on that meth charge, he stuck by the guy.

Still, we grew apart. He was hard to rile. Hard to motivate. Messy. Can I say that? Just messy. You couldn't even call where he lived a Hole in the Wall. More like a Hole in the Ground. Not real bright. Always wore this bright red t-shirt. Never wore pants. Or underwear. Ever. That got to be bothersome.

Still. That son of a bitch loved honey more than anybody I ever knew. I wonder what ever happened to him.


Blogger Angie Max said...

You so crazy!

1:29 AM  

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