Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fun things that may or may not be true in my family tree

Been playing with for a few months.  Lot of good info out there.  Lot of bad info, too, put there by people who want to feel better about their existences, I would say.

There's a lot of salt grain taking.

Still.  Interesting people I might be connected to?

William Penn  (a great grandfather, along my mother's father's line).
John Penn (same line, though this one seems tenuous....a signer of the Declaration)
Rhys ap Thomas  (a great grandfather, along my mother's mother's line).
William Carey (a courtier of Henry VIII, and brother-in-law to Anne Boleyn)  (along my father's father's line)
Agnes Tocker (an early settler of Jamestown, who may have died there)
Hannah Crewes (an early settler whose parentage is of some question...part Powhatan Indian seems likely, but could be part Caribbean Indian or part Black)

Tonight?  William Shakespeare's grandfather Robert Arden might be my great (x13) grandfather along that line.

Interesting.  Might be total bullshit.  Who knows?


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