Thursday, November 13, 2014

They Grow Up So Fast.

Where do the time go?

Twelve years?

I've been doing this blogamathing for nearly a third of my life.  Well, not continuously.  That would be rather a lot.  It's existed for nearly a third of my life.

It's growing into a man.

It's asked me for a Playstation 4 for Christmas.  I can't really afford that.  I've got some markdown Halloween Gingerbread houses that I was going to give it.  You think that would suffice?

It won't be long before my blogamathing is older than the people who work for me.

It won't be long before it gets a driver's license.  Which will be awesome.  Sitting up late at night, wondering if my blog is behind the wheel of a pickup truck running pedestrians down in Gatlinburg.

Won't be long.

Graduates high school.

Goes to college.

Drops out of school after knocking up a gypsy.

Falls victim to some gypsy curse.

And dies, shot to death by Idaho State Police, raving something about Famouser Potatoes while wielding a katana and a pillowcase filled with softballs.

Won't be long.

They grow up so fast....


Blogger Gladorn said...

And THIS is what originally drew me to your blog. Every so often you write this literary brilliance that is just a half a step to the left of reality.

See, I'm not just this random stranger who posts strange things on random blogs.

Well, actually I kind of am.

9:39 PM  

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