Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Night Family History Thoughts

So, Saturday nights are for family history, right?  You guys sit at home, drink spiked apple cider and wander through the labyrinth that is your family tree?  Right.  Me, too!

So, my paternal grandmother's parents were a roadblock.  I knew their names, but not much else.  There's evidence that her father, John Wyatt, was the son of another John Wyatt who served in the Civil War in a unit from Indiana, but there's not much online I can find to confirm that, at this point.

I feel confident enough with a couple sources that my great grandmother's maiden name was Stewart, which would attach her to a whole line of folks stretching back to Jolly Ol' England all the way back to a gentleman named Thomas Askew.

Askew.  That fits me.

On a couple levels, actually.

Turns out Askew is derived from the name Ayscough and Ainscough. 

Which is where Acuff comes from, as well.

So.   I got Acuffs/Ayscoughs/Askews on a couple branches of the family tree, which came back together when Earl Acuff married Ethel Wyatt way back some time between 1930 and 1935....

Don't know why I've been playing so hard with the family history, lately.  But it's interesting, especially seeing family on different sides of conflicts...i.e. Union vs. Confederacy....or even different sides of rebellions against England's Crown....


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