Saturday, March 21, 2015

Big Stupid Tommy Fast Food Review: The Cheddar Bo

After weeks of seeing the insipid commercial for the Cheddar Bo for weeks now, I decided to try one.

I cannot dissuade stringently enough from trying this.

The theory itself is sound.  Cheese.  Bread in biscuit form.  Both things I enjoy.

The practice is an exercise in overkill, however.  There is too much cheese to make the thing an enjoyable breakfast food.

I ordered through the drive-thru.  This is an important factor.  If I get a breakfast food from a fast food place, it is through the drive-thru.  I'm a busy man.  Places to go.  People to see.  I'm that guy you see trying to jam a steak and egg biscuit down his gullet at the red light in Calhoun, chasing it with coffee blacker than the night he's driving to work in.

The Cheddar Bo is not a good food to eat in your car.  The cheese skirt (which is so delightfully and not condescendingly at all described in the spot above) welds the cheese to the foil it is wrapped in, if you do not get to the food soon enough after it is removed from the oven.  Bojangles biscuits are crumbly, in my experience, and prone to disintegration if the correct biscuit keystone is removed during eating.  There is not a solid enough medium in the biscuit to maintain structural integrity, when trying to remove cheese and biscuit from the foil.

I very likely broke several traffic laws in the midst of trying to remove biscuit from foil.

I ended up driving up Highway 11 eating crumbles of biscuit, and chasing it with a wad of melted and re-solidified mild cheddar cheese.

The cheese is a quandary.  I suggest this to the fine folks at Bojangles:  find a sharper cheddar, for more taste, and then use less.  Otherwise, you've got something people will either have to use two hands to eat, or use a fork and knife.  For a convenient breakfast food, it sucks....


Blogger Gladorn said...

I'm at the point in my life that I try to avoid drive through fast food. IE: Getting older sucks, and I've found that most fast foods require that you eat them on a regular basis or they won't agree with you.

Not a big fan of cheese on my end. But stick some chicken in it and I'm all over it! Chick-fil-A is about the only fast food drive though that I'll go through. But I'll hit up a Wawa. (Crumbly biscuits also, but I'm angry that they discontinued their chicken biscuits.)

If I have time to sit down, then it's Cracker Barrel.

10:22 AM  

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