Thursday, March 05, 2015

Stupid Good

I don't know why I love this spot like I do.  It's perfect.  It won't make me go buy a Krystal.  That only happens once a year, when I get the taste for them, and have a day off afterward to deal with the gastrointestinal ramifications.

Still.  Good spot.  The kids, the dance the tank top kid does, the jump, the roll.  All good.

One thought, though.

The people who made this commercial understand silly.

Conversely, the people who made this Bojangle's spot, do not:

Except, they're not trying to be silly, necessarily.  It's like they're picking on the silly.  I'd kinda like to jump through the TV to the Dad who is incredulous at the "cheese skirt."

Based on that one spot?  That can't be a happy home.

She'll probably get grounded for getting B's.


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