Sunday, November 29, 2015


I needed a change of subject. "You still have your horses?"

A little breath of air came out as he responded, "My uncle's horses, yes." Henry never claimed to the horses, even though they had been his for more than ten years. It was because they were Appaloosas. He felt about Appaloosas the way I felt about his truck; they were just here to piss him off. Henry figured that the reason the Cheyenne had always ridden Appaloosas into battle was because by the time the men got there, they were so angry with the horses they were ready to kill everything.

---Craig Johnson, The Cold Dish

I'm reading that right now.  It was a slow start, not because of the book, but because I don't seem to have any sort of attention span right now.  Hectic time of the year.  We go from Inventory to Halloween to Thanksgiving.  It'll be normal for a week or two, and then we go into the Christmas/New Year's rush.

Still, Cold Dish is a fine read.  Shyam lent it to me, as the Longmire novels are a series she enjoys very much.  I'm digging the first one...


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