Saturday, January 16, 2016

More Stupid Bullshit

Well, the Titans hired interim coach Mike Mularkey, removing the interim from his job title.

Marcus Mariota, in this lovely article from Titans Online, is happy.

"To have consistency I feel is important."

Alright, Yoda.

Tell me if consistency is important when you've finished another 3-13 season, and are vying for a third straight Top 5 draft pick.

A poor move, made by an ownership that doesn't care.

It takes a lot for me to leave a team.

An apathetic ownership will do it, though.


Blogger Bobby Burden said...

I ditched the Titans this season, and decided to watch the Falcons after they had a 5-0 start. Too bad I started watching week 6. Maybe I'm bad luck.

9:56 AM  

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