Thursday, December 24, 2015

How to get my blood going on Christmas Eve

Drinking my coffee, I wander across this story, from the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

If I may, Charlie Wysong, Jan Frazier, Bill Reesor, Patty Currey, Mary Lynn Jones and Louise Reesor, as identified in the picture in the link, are idiots.  They are worthy of your scorn.

I'm about done with well-dressed white people with too much free time, you know? While I disagree vehemently with your stupid, demonstrably wrong belief that there is a war on Christmas, your complete waste of time is even more infuriating to me. If you feel so strongly about what Christmas is, why not use the time you've taken to make your stupid little signs and the time you're taking to stand out in the rain to go volunteer at a homeless shelter, or an agency that helps at risk women and children? Or help an elderly neighbor? Or volunteer at your local humane society? Maybe go do something to make this planet a better place to live on. That sound like too much trouble? Then, you could just do the decent thing, and stay home, and not bother anybody else. Personally? I'm jealous of your free time. After today I'll have crossed the 60 hour mark for the week, and I feel like I'm coming up on the end of Stephen King's The Long Walk. If you know me folks, and you feel that there is a War on Christmas, this is not the cause you want to mention within earshot of me, because it is not a hill you wish to die on.
I realize that this sort of sentiment is not the majority, or even a sizable minority of folks. Still, I'm aggravated. If there is a War on Christmas, I write this from Christmas's Heavily Fortified Position in southeast Tennessee. Happy Holidays. Don't be a dick.


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