Saturday, December 26, 2015

Is it my favorite day of the year?

Hello, December 26.

I don't hate Christmas.

I rather like Christmas.

But what I hate is that tumultuous few weeks leading up to Christmas.

Especially that final week, where I generally have to work like a botard.

The previous post is a product of that general frustration.

So, the 26th is nice.  We're as far from that nonsense as we can get.

This one's a day sweeter.  2016 is a Leap Year, so there's one day's respite.

October through December is usually a rough time at the job place.

This year, in particular.

The final 12 weeks of the year include inventory, everybody squeezing in their last vacations, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Add to that this year, another manager being out a week for illness, and being shorthanded of experienced help (a condition we seem to find ourselves in more and more).

New Year's is one more week, and it's tough because you have to change out a month's worth of displays in about 12 hours, and deal with more customers dealing with the "haveto" mentality.  So, I look forward to January 2 as much as anything during the year.

Next year?  Can we chill out?

Still.  The worst is over.  We're a year away from more Christmas nonsense.

Christmas itself was a good one.  Our family did Christmas on Christmas Eve.  I went to see the new Star Wars again with Mom and Dad on Christmas Day.  Super rainy, of note.  My drive to my folks' house took twice as long as normal due to heavy rains and overflowing creeks.

I do have the weekend off (my first since Halloween), and Shyam and I are gonna to go see The Hateful 8 this afternoon.

I hope Christmas was a good one for you, Campers.  And I hope you get to rest up from the nonsense.


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