Friday, January 15, 2016

The Revenant

Don't read this post if you don't want parts of The Revenant spoiled for you.

Just a couple quick thoughts, before I head to bed.

1.)  How Coleman missed out on having the Pinto Sleeping Bag Revenant Tie-In, I don't have a clue.
2.)  I want to watch the movie again to see which has a higher representation, phallic or vaginal symbolism.  (I have a guess.  I just want to keep score).

3.)  There's an alternate Universe where Leonardo DiCaprio rasps, as he's cut the horse open, "I thought....they smelled bad....on the outside....."

4.)  Is it possible that I enjoy Domhnall Gleeson's work more than I do his father's?  I just wouldn't have thought that possible.

5.)  It's a beautiful flick, and deserves attention.  Definitely worth seeing on the big screen.


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