Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Hateful Eight

Wandered up to Knoxville to take in the Hateful Eight Roadshow, Tarantino's longer cut of his flick, complete with intermission and overture.

Incomplete thoughts:

Tarantino's about spectacle.  And he does spectacle well.

And he does spectacle beautifully.  This is a visual feast.  The scenes inside Millie's Haberdashery (where the bulk of the flick takes place) are fantastic.

I have always enjoyed Jennifer Jason Leigh as an actress.  Her eyes are the biggest reason.  In very few people have I never noted "there's a lot more going on behind those eyes than just the character," but she is high on that list.  Tarantino took note, and there are a number of shots where the viewer is directed to her eyes. Beyond that, she is a hoot in this flick.  She is reveling in her role, here.  I enjoyed her performance most of all.

I also enjoyed Walton Goggins, who's just a human cartoon anyway.  He fits into the Tarantino world view, and easily.

Odd thing that seemed out of place?  Kurt Russell's performance.  I dunno.  Somehow, it didn't seem to fit completely, which is sad to say because I generally enjoy his work very much.

Other thoughts:  I knew the flick was going to be violent, walking in, but was still taken somewhat aback a couple of times.  Spectacle, of course.

Problem with spectacle, though, is that there are diminishing returns.

I think Tarantino's probably smart not putting a flick out but every few years.   I enjoy his flicks.  But after a while, even Samuel L. Jackson snarling at you from the screen loses its novelty.

It hasn't yet, but if and when he wanders out with a new flick, the Jackie Brown fan in me says I'd like to see him try something a little different next time around.

But then, I laughed my way through this flick.  I still enjoyed this ride, and very much.  I'm not among those who wants to crown him King of all Flickdom, but he enjoys what he does.  It shows.  I enjoyed this romp as much as anything he's done this century.  I give it a thumbs up.


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