Monday, June 13, 2016

Cubs 2016

Dear Online Nerd Diary:

This weekend, I went to Atlanta to see the Cubs play the Braves.  I've refrained from writing about the Cubs, out of irrational yet omnipresent fear that I am some manner of jinx if I mention them online.  My fears were somewhat assuaged after seeing them play live.

This was the last time I'll likely see them at Turner Field.  That's 99% assured, and assumes that the Braves don't reel off 90 wins out of their next 110 games to make it back into the playoff picture.

Allow me to speak on that:  it is sad to know that a perfectly good structure like Turner Field will be left to history (and local college teams) after just 21 years.  I may not be a Braves fan (I'm more of a well-wisher, owing to their geographic proximity and broadcast presence).  I have seen a ton of baseball at Turner Field, though.  It's a fine baseball stadium.  I don't know the issues.  It seems wasteful to let it go...even more so for tax payers up the road helping foot the bill for a new one.

That said?  One of the things over the past several seasons that has kept me from attending a Braves game on a whim is not wanting to drive through Atlanta.  Having the team play their games up in Marietta will be pretty sweet, from a drive-time standpoint.....

The Cubs were fun this weekend.  They lost Friday, a game I didn't get to see.  Saturday's contest, they won 8-2, on the strength of several dingers.  Today was a beatdown, 13-2, with almost everybody getting in on the act.

I'm crazy tired.  About 12 hours of driving over the last 2 days, on top of what was easily the most ridiculous week since the last ridiculous week.  I'm going to sleep for 10 hours tonight!!!!


Blogger Erica said...

You can also visit our friends in Marietta. Kill two birds with one stone.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Tommy said...

True. I need to....

7:18 PM  

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