Thursday, April 21, 2016

Superman, and whatnot

First real day off in ten days or so.  Of course the brain wakes itself wide the hell awake at 5:30.

Read this article, which has made me mark Superman: American Alien down on my list of things to check out, at some point.

The thing that turns me away from it is this, though:  too many Superman stories are focusing on the fact that he's not human.

Take it as read.  We all know.  We don't need to rehash it.  One of the charms of Superman is that he's cool with it.  At least for me.  The inner turmoil and loneliness?  Turns sulky real quick, especially in Zack Snyder's Superman flicks.

Oddly, this all makes me think of Tarzan and the Lost City, which is a helluva fine Tarzan flick, easily the best of the past forty years, which just jumps into the story without wasting time telling you who Tarzan is, and how he came to be.

It might well be part of why Superman is boring to some:  we just see the same story over and over again....


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