Thursday, May 05, 2016


I got to surprise Shyam tonight.  It's been a ridiculously busy couple of months for them down at the business.  She's been swamped.  It slipped by her that one of her favorite artists was going to play in Knoxville tonight.   It did not slip by me, I am pleased to say.  I was able to get ahold of a presale password by being that guy who goes "anybody got the presale password?"  Found some fifth row tickets to see this lady:

I kept the surprise for several weeks.  I was kinda afraid she'd get wind of it somehow, from Twitter or a family member.  Then, a couple weeks ago, we went to the same venue Lucinda Williams played at tonight to see Kevin Smith.  I didn't see any "Coming Soon" featuring Lucinda, so my secret was safe...until they started a rundown of coming events at the Bijou.  I was floundering for a way to distract her, when an usher did that for me perfectly, leading somebody to the seats right next to ours, as they announced that Lucinda would be there on May 4.

"Did you catch that?" I asked, a pratfall in verbal form.  Cool as a fucking cucumber, me.

She had not.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  And the surprise held until we drove up to the Bijou tonight.

We enjoyed the show.  Lucinda plays a good show.  Rocks out.

Like I said, Shyam's had a busy few weeks.  She said this was a nice surprise and a reset for her.

Today was a good day, campers.


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