Friday, November 16, 2018

Dad Movies....

Dad's been gone a little more than a year and a half, now.  And every now and then, it'll still hit me like a hammer that he's gone.

I miss going to movies with Dad.  My attendance at the theater has decreased dramatically since he passed.  His desire to go see a movie would usually put me over the top if I was on the fence...and even on a couple occasions where I had no desire whatsoever.  Now, I usually wait for streaming if it's something I'm on the fence with.

He actually had pretty good taste, if not always the best instincts when it came to picking.  I think the biggest surprise was John Wick, which I still maintain is better than it has any right to be.  Other good ones that come to mind:  Deja Vu, Source Code and the surprisingly tight Patriots Day, which was among the last movies I went to see with Dad.

If we saw a turd, he'd call it a turd.  The 33 was one.  There were four people in the theater for that one, and I think all four of us struggled with sleep at various times.  London Has Fallen was another one, which was a shame, because we both kinda enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen.

He was also pretty open minded.  If there was something he wasn't interested in, but I was, he'd tag along.  I think the one that impressed him the most was The Witch, which he didn't have much interest in, as horror flicks didn't usually do it for him.  Slither was another.

He loved Creed.  And we'd both been excited to see that one.  He liked it so much that he ended up going back a few days later to watch again.

The Creed sequel comes out next week.  And that's what began this particular slide down memory lane.  There have been a handful of movies that popped out since he's passed that hit me hard.  The one that pops to memory was a trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming that hit me right in the solar plexus with the knowledge that we wouldn't see it together.

I still haven't seen Kong: Skull Island.  It was released the week after he died.  I'd gone to eat breakfast with the folks the day he passed, and a trailer had come on, and he'd really wanted to go see it.  I just haven't felt good about watching it.  Maybe I still will one day.....


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