Monday, November 25, 2002

Here's why this site is called Big Stupid Tommy.

I'm walking to the truck this morning to go to work, and I'm eating an apple. I take a bite out of the apple, it splinters, and the largest portion falls onto the ground.

I'm 25 years old.

And my mind just says to me: 5 Second Rule.

And before I can stop myself, I start to pick it up!!!!!!!!

I gain control of my senses, and ask myself what the hell I think I'm doing. Presumably, I bent over to pick it up to eat it. There's a little voice inside of me that says: Nobody would see you, so it would be alright.

This is what I deal with on a daily basis.

I do pick it up, however, and throw it away. Because I'm a nice sumbitch. Or something.

Other stuff:

Henry Phillips has a nice little funny vignette/film series going on It's called The Loner. In Henry's words, it's yet another forum for him to spread his message of social awkwardness and borderline psychopathic behavior. Henry's one of my favorite comedians. His songs are killer.

My thanks to Eric and Becky Davis, all the way up in Virginia, for linking me on their site. Eric and Becky are moving into a new home quite soon. I congratulate them. And they've assured me that they have multiple toilets in the home.
Eric's cool because he tells me stories about trying to eat cereal while driving, and I laugh because I've tried the same (once, to marginal success). Becky's cool because she just is. Also, Eric told me she'd found the perfect girl for me. I assume that she's in Virginia, too, which sucks, because I'm not in Virginia. Yet.

Also my thanks to the Evil Hippy who was the person who showed me this blogspot stuff. He's the one who made all this possible. Blame him.


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