Friday, November 22, 2002

I was just studying this, and I have more hair under my right arm than I do my left.

You heard me right. There is more hair in my right armpit than my left armpit.

It's not a ridiculous amount more. It's not even significantly more. But it is noticeable. If you study my armpits.

I wonder if this is an indicator of anything?

Intelligence perhaps? I'd say this site would indicate a real lack of it.

Charm? I'd say the fact that I'm discussing armpit hair belies that.

What if the the ratio of armpit hair from right to left helped determine whether you would end up in heaven or hell? I think it would throw all of the world's major religions into turmoil. I think science, likewise, would re-direct itself toward gene therapy, which would give you a distinct leaning....lots of right armpit hair, not very much left armpit hair.

For that matter, how would we know that right armpit hair is necessarily better than having more left armpit hair? We'd have to make definitive contact with someone either in heaven or in hell. They'd have to tell us whether they had more on their right or left sides.

And what if you shave your armpits?

Or if you're European?

Or if you have exactly the same amount of armpit hair on your right and left sides?

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