Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I got home from dining with my good friend Steven and my mother's watching the Goonies. I've seen the Goonies approximately 100 times. At least. There was one summer vacation where my sister and I watched the Goonies every day.

You live in a house with no cable.

I've seen Star Wars at least as many times as I have the Goonies.

I'll watch Shawshank Redemption any time I see it on TV, even though I have it on DVD.

National Lampoon's European Vacation is another. I've seen it a couple of dozen times.

Back to the Future. Probably 25 times.

Police Academy II. But all I know is the version we taped off NBC in, like, 1988. I tried watching the tape this past summer, before it disintegrated inside the VCR. There was a Michael Winslow commercial for Suzuki (appropriate, since Michael Winslow made Police Academy II. There's also a McDonald's commercial where they had the moon singing for them. He was a guy wearing a headpiece the size of his body that looked like a crescent-moon. We actually have one of those Christmas ornaments floating around our house, somehwere.

Tim Burton's Batman. Actually, that was the first pre-recorded cassette I think we ever owned here in Casa de Big Stupid Tommy.
I hadn't watched it in a while, but Sci-Fi Channel ran the widescreen a month ago. I liked it. I saw Batman 5 times in the theater. If you count the twice I saw it at the Mid-Way Drive-In. I've seen it a bunch since then, but it's waned in recent years.


Animal House. I watch Animal House whenever I'm feeling down.


A couple of recent additions:

The Ocean's Eleven that came out in 2001, I've seen 5 times. Once in the theater. Four times on DVD (Twice regular, once with each commentary track).

Royal Tenenbaums. Four Times. I love that movie.

And Of course: Rugrats do Paris. It's a technical marvel.



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