Saturday, December 21, 2002

I guess what I was trying to say with the Trent Lott thing yesterday was this: there are any number of things the man has done wrong in his life, but he's pressured to resign because of a slip of the tongue. An ill-timed statement used to make a 100-year old man happy. And the thing is, it had to be pointed out by several agencies before people started to take offense.

And the ball got rolling in Congress. His friends were on his side, until they saw which way the public was leaning.

It's all so fickle.

Moving on....

My father and I decided to go see the new Lord of the Ring movie this afternoon. We got to the theater, stood in line for a while before we could see the signs saying that the afternoon showings were sold out.

This movie is going to make a ton of money. Peter Jackson can eat Money Sandwiches if he wants.

Instead, we went to the dollar theater. We saw Ghost Ship, starring Julianna Margui...Margulee...Nurse Hathaway from E.R.

I enjoyed it. Lots of people dying. A really odd scene at the very beginning where everybody on the deck of a ship is sliced in half by a high-tension wire. It had its creepy moments. On a scale of 1 to 10, 3 being the highest and 14 being the lowest, I give it a 6 and a Half.


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