Friday, December 20, 2002

You know that hot dog eating contest they have a Coney Island every summer (July 4?)? I wonder who would win if lives were on the line? Only the one who eats the most hot dogs lives? Or only the one who comes in last dies?

I'll bet there's a psychological block that would be broken down if somebody was threatening you, or threatening your family.

If somebody told me they'd off my family, I'd bet I could eat a whole assload of hot dogs.

Do you think people ever throw those contests? Wouldn't that be a win/win situation? You get money from a bookie, and you only have to eat 42 hot dogs instead of 48?

Yes, we're talking about weiner-shaving scandal.

I saw the the Cubs signed Shawn Estes. He's quality starter, if not spectacular.

My friend Joe is in Wisconsin. God help him. The last I heard, Wisconsin was a savage, unsettled land besieged by Vikings and Tunnel Rats. And he flew!!!!!!!!!


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