Thursday, December 19, 2002

I'm not necessarily stupid all the time. Though I made a helluva bad decision today. In the backroom at work, they were listening to a station that was giving mega bucks away for answering an impossible trivia question. The clue was: It was invented in 1942 by GE, for Industrial Uses. I don't know why I knew the answer, but I did. And I tried calling the radio station. The phone was ringing. It rang for 20 minutes. Then a customer came in, and they needed help. I had to hang up. Bastards!!!!!!!!

The answer was Silly Putty. It (I learned when they had announced the answer) was developed as an insulator.

I must have read it somewhere.

Smart for facts. Big and Stupid Tommy for Decisions.

Last Night's NWA-TNA show was one of the promotion's strongest it's put together in its six-month history. I've always said it needs to rely on the X-Division as its signifying effort. Get guys like Jerry Lynn, A.J. Styles, Kid Kash and the Amazing Red who just get in there to wrestle, make the emphasis on competition instead of Entertainment (yes, I know it's pre-determined), and it'll make for a good show.

Once you have a solid portion of the show set aside for X-Division Competition, then do the storytelling.

The belief is: The more you care about the wrestlers, the more you care about the fighting. In the wake of the WWE running rampant over the wrestling world, many wrestling promotions thought wrongly that people cared more for the talking and less for the fighting.

And maybe do. I don't think I'm a typical wrestling fan.

But with TNA, if you get some decent, non-over-the-top storytelling going, then you'll have a super product. I believe TNA should by all means copy the story-telling style of ECW. I'm scared Russo will go completely hogwild, though.

Wednesday 12/18's show saw the return of Low-Ki and "the Fallen Angel" Chris Daniels. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of Chris Daniels.

NWA-TNA returns January 8.


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