Friday, February 28, 2003

Here's the part where I gripe

It's like yesterday's crappy day never ended.

Part of it is that I didn't sleep last night. I did that thing where I wake up to pee at 3 in the morning, and then can't get back to sleep, because I'm thinking of something that happened at recess one day in the third grade.

Part of it was also that we have had almost literally no sunshine here in Middle Tennessee for something like 16 days. They said on WSMV that we've had something like 2.5 hours of sunshine in that time. Talk about your seasonal dysfunction.

I'm tired of waking up and looking outside, seeing the ground covered with puddles and the sky nothing but that pale gray color that I've come to associate with winters in Nashville. I'm tired of working in it. I'm tired of having to walk places in it. I just want to feel a little sun on my face. That's all.

The sun may shine a little in the morning. But more rain's expected over tomorrow afternoon and Sunday.


And apparently I've been "in a mood" at work the last three days. Well...I'm off for six days, and they change everything while I'm gone. My buddy Matt gave me some info on a place up in Nashville. It does scoring on school achievement tests, or something along those lines. I don't know if they're hiring, but it's worth checking. I'm tired of working in customer service. More than that, I'm tired of working in an environment where goals are so fluid and vaguely defined, and where the consequences for failing in those vaguely and ill-communicated goals are not so much severe as they are petty and snide.

If I'm going to work in an environment where I'm treated like crap when I fail in what is expected of me, I would at least like that expectation to be quantifiable. My manager told me that overall I'm doing "pretty good" as far as my job performance, but that there are a couple of issues she'd like to bring up with me. And when I asked what those issues were, I was told that we'd discuss it later.

I'm home now. The discussion was apparently had without me.

Kind of like how they make decisions concerning what I do, too.

I try not to bitch about my job to people anymore. There's nothing so boring as somebody complaining about their job. So I'll stop. Just know that more than anything, I'm sorting out my thoughts.


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