Monday, February 24, 2003

There's a hardware store in Athens, TN that's decided to switch over to classic cars. They'd always sold stuff like that, but now they'll be doing classic cars and restoration gear full time. They decided to liquidate the other part of their inventory. So everything was 50% off.

Here's what I was able to salvage:

1 box 1989 Panini MLB Stickers. They go in an album. I'll go on EBay to see if I can find the album. So far, I've gotten so many Teddy Higuera and Larry Sheets stickers that I think I'll wallpaper my apartment with them.

1 collapsable trench digger. For the digging of trenches. Keeps me safe.

1 Ready-to-Eat Meal (Beef Patty). In case I'm trapped, I'll be okay through lunch.

And it was all half-price!!!!!!!!


And I was going to get a Mark Martin NASCAR air freshener. But I couldn't figure out if the smell was something pleasant, or if it would make my truck smell like Mark Martin. So I put it back.


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