Thursday, February 27, 2003

Right Here there an article about Zell Miller's complaint against the planned "Real Beverly Hillbillies" reality show that is forthcoming on CBS.

Without commenting on how I was as sucked in as anybody by the first couple of Survivors and how I watched all three season of Tough Enough on MTV, I'll say first, that I'm terribly tired of reality television. As a fiction writer myself, I feel that if television's run out of ideas, call me.

And I don't want much else to do with this planned Hillbilly show. I'm not personally offended by the depiction of Poor White Trash/Hillbillies on National Television.

I will ask why, in our age of political correctness, is it still alright to point to the southern white male and laugh at his accent and mannerisms, but it's not okay to say a black person really likes watermelon and fried chicken, or that a Jewish person is really really cheap?

Still, it's hard to sympathize when the man issuing the complaint is a white guy who's worth upwards of a couple of million.


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