Monday, February 24, 2003

System Maintainence. Pshaw! I had a consecutive posting streak going (nothing is worth doing if you can't obsess about it), and because they took their server down last night to upgrade, I wasn't able to write my little grunts down.

Yesterday, Joe Thomas (henceforth known as Joebo), Steven and I watched a LOT of baseball. A while back, I'd said I'd come visit. A couple of things had to make me rearrange my visit, but it worked out good, because instead of staring at each other over the course of a couple of days, Joe and I watch Tennessee's baseball team play Bowling Green State University.

It doesn't do anything but rain anymore. As such, they played two on Sunday. We got to Lindsey Nelson stadium around 11:30, with the games scheduled to start at 12. And we were there for the next six+ hours.

But it's all good. I'd been needing a baseball fix. I've talked about this period of time between the Super Bowl and the start of the Baseball season really sucks. And I'm usually busy during MTSU's games.

Probably the most interesting thing (besides the enlightening conversation the guys behind us had about everything except baseball) was how the second game ended. Top of the eighth, one out. A little bloop pop fell between the pitcher and third baseman. A lot of people were hollering infield fly, but it didn't look eminently catchable. It was put right in between them, and it looked that the third baseman had a chance, but he didn't get to it easily.

To my mind, a lot of people screwed up. It should have been a force at third. They could easily have turned two. But somehow, the runner on second stayed on second, and the runner from the plate hit first, which trapped the runner from first between the two bases. They got him in a run down.

Tennessee's catcher (whose name: Javi Herrera--is cool) then was asking questions of the home plate umpire. Minor chaos ensued. There was arguing. An additional runner was called out. It was never really indicated whom--though it was the third out. The Bowling Green coach went a little crazy, though he threw no bases. And then nobody came out on the field. And the game was over.

It's a long bus ride back to Ohio, on a Sunday night.


Also, a list of grievances, mostly against Joe and Steven:

1. Joebo's an instigator. (Hit Tommy, Steven).
2. Steven's a facilitator. Steven hits me too much.
3. He also put popcorn in the hood of my sweatshirt.

Joebo also took us to a cool little coffee bar/bar. It serves a lot of coffee (it's called Cup of Joe) and also beer. I liked it a lot. Normally, bars are too loud for my tastes. If it's not a band playing, it's a jukebox or stereo playing really loud. It was pretty laid back inside. Really cool.

Also cool is Joe's apartment, which has an empty lot out his front door. Where he can throw his apple cores and other vegetable and fruit detritus. You have no idea how cool that is to me.

Or maybe you do.


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