Thursday, February 20, 2003

We got us a nasty letter at Casa de Big Stupid Tommy today. Seems the City of Murfreesboro is doing its own census to update the numbers from the 2000 census. They do this to show that they qualify for some Federal Grant money.

I say nasty. But you be the judge as you read this paragraph:

"This is the second request from the city of Murfreesboro regarding the special census. According to our recors, we have not received a completed census form from this household. Please complete teh form and return it today...[contact info]...If you are a full-time college student living in Murfreesboro, you are requried to submit a census form."

Okay. That's straight forward enough. I'd not even have noticed it, if not for the following, ominous statement. In bold type, it reads:

"If you do not respond to this request, representatives of the city will call or personally visit you."

Does that sound like a threat to anybody else? Screw them. If I want to rip the sumbitch up and eat it, I will.

I'd like to have a say in what this special new money is going for. Will it go to finally fix Northfield Blvd, which they've been digging up for a year and a half now? How about fixing the potholes on Hamilton, which will swallow a car whole? Or maybe actually using the money to pay the crossing guards and not bitching about having to pay $50 a week.

But also, there's a space to list the person(s) living in the household. We marked Occupants #1 and #2. Though Bill suggests we take up pseudonyms for the sake of this enumeration. And until such time as Bill and I specifically get a say in how the money gets spend, we will be known as the following: he will be known as Hitler Saddam, and I think I will become Stalin M. Tojo.

Also, they thank us for our cooperation.

In other news.

It's my birthday today. All things considered, it went well. I didn't have to work, so that's a plus. I farted around mostly. Went to the campus for a while, and did my thing there. I went to buy some shorts, as warmer weather is coming. But apparently, I've gotten a little too old, as the Burlington Coat Factory doesn't carry anything that any self-respecting adult wouldn't be caught dead wearing. Why are clothes shiny? Is it because we live in the future?

Also, we went to Fat Mo's. It's a hamburger place that's gotten voted best hamburger repeatedly by The Nashville Scene and Nashville citysearch.

I don't often give my seal of approval to things, and I'm often spiteful and disagree with the press and the public just on general principle.

But Fat Mo's does make a Tasty, Tasty burger. I think I'll go back some time. They almost have a site here. I recommend that if you're in Nashville, you go to one of the three Fat Mo's locations (1216 Murfreesboro Road is where we ate), and eat one of their tasty hamburgers.


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