Thursday, May 01, 2003

"Also, I went to the doctor for a physical. I told him my prostate was fine and he didn't need to check it. First thing out of my mouth -almost."
----Joebo "A Man who Knows what He Wants" Thomas

One of the guys on my staff is sick with a chest cold. And to be honest, I'm quite a bit phlegmy in the chest myself. Maybe I shouldn't have made all those jokes about SARS.

Joebo also made a good point that 5 in the morning is a good time for shutting the hell up.

The Nashville Scene did a cover feature on my local wrestling promotion, the NWA-TNA. I suppose any publicity is good publicity, but the article itself was filled with factual errors. Even the cover photo mis-identifies Trinity as Athena. The writer, Robert L. Doerschuk, seemed a little less acquainted with the subject matter than he needed to be. On the whole, I give the article a C-.


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