Monday, September 20, 2004

It's a Slow News Day in Ahmedabed

It's a Slow News Day in Ahmedabad

It's a slow news day in my neck of the woods. When things are a little slow over in my corner of Tennessee, I get to looking to Ahmedabad. Because they have different concerns there.

Where things are apparently a little slow, there, too:

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Monday September 20, 5:55 PM

Of a poor fisherman and vengeful crows
By Indo-Asian News Service

Ahmedabad, Sep 20 (IANS) Crows know how to take revenge, as a fisherman in a Gujarat village has learnt at some cost.

Ramanbhai of Itawad village in Vadodara district, 180 km from here, is being harassed by crows after he killed some of the birds.

According to reports, the fisherman claims innocence in the matter.

He said he dried fish by sunning them on his terrace, but the crows were devouring the catch.

With his only means of income threatened, Ramanbhai sprinkled some poisonous liquid on the fish a few days ago and left the catch spread out at the usual spot.

The move was successful. A number of crows died, but the young fisherman had got more than he bargained for.

Reports said the crows attacked Ramanbhai as soon as he stepped out of his home the next day.

The attack continues even several days later, despite his trying to appease them by throwing dead fish.

But the crows are unimpressed and continue to descend on him noisily whenever he is outdoors.

Villagers, too, have tried to help the young man, who has been reduced to protecting his head with a utensil every time he steps out.

To me, it just goes to show how we're all the same.

This all reminds me of how one time, I was drying these fish that I'd caught on my terrace, and I caught these crows devouring them.

With my only means of income threatened, I sprinkled some poisonous liquid on the fish.

A number of those dirty crows died, but I got more than I bargained for.

The crows attacked me thereafter any time I left the house.

The attacks continued several days, despite my attempts to pacify those dirty crows, by throwing bits of dried fish to them.

The crows were unimpressed, and they would continue to descend on me for many days.

Villagers tried to help me. I was forced to protect my head with a utensil (KFC Spork) every time I went out.

I got the crows to leave me alone by refusing to take a shower. It really pissed off Colonel Potter and Margeret "Hot Lips" Houlihan. They attacked me and Dr. Hunnicut with water and soap. And then they crushed Major Winchester's French Horn. And Klinger was dressed up like a girl!!!!!


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