Friday, September 17, 2004



And I bid you a soggy good morning.

The remnants of Ivan stomped their way through my little town yesterday and this morning. It had been downgraded to a tropical depression by the time it hit the Tennessee state line. So, we got little wind, but we got a lot of rain. Upwards of eight inches up at my house, since about this time yesterday.

All in all, not bad. Definitely not as bad as it could have been, and most assuredly nowhere near as bad as the folks had it down in Alabama and along the Florida panhandle. But we've got flooding in the area, with a few trees down, and a couple of rock/mudslides down in the Southeast corner of the state.

The worst part for me, I guess, is the look that the dogs give you when you tell them to go out and take a whiz, the look that says "you first," or like they want you to go out and take that whiz for them.

All of which reminds me of the time I used the George Carlin joke on somebody at work. They said "I'm gonna go take a piss."

I said, "Don't take one of mine."

And instead of everybody laughing, I got that shake of the head in sad wonder from everybody.

It was far from the applause that I'd been hoping for.

But that's neither here nor there, is it?

Anyway. We're still here, in the lights. I was fairly sure we'd lose power up here on the hill, even if it were only rain. Usually, if you sneeze too loudly up here, it'll knock power off for a couple of hours, so I was fairly sure that Ivan would kill the power quicker than Apollo Creed. Aside from a blink or two, we've got lights, TV and food refrigeration.

Well, that's all I got this morning. Going to wander out into the mess here before long. Y'all have a dry one.


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