Saturday, September 04, 2004

Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

You know, when Bob McKenzie makes his brother Doug laugh in the court room scene in Strange Brew? And the bullets Doug's used to stop his nosebleed fire off? That's the pinnacle of human artistic achievement.

1. Bullets firing from nose in Strange Brew.
2. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
3. The Mona Lisa
4. The "Mountain Wedding" episode of The Andy Griffith Show
5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain

It'd been so long since I'd seen Strange Brew that I'd forgotten a couple of the gags.

Strange Brew's another one that I can watch if I'm feeling down, and it'll make me feel good.

I love the bit where Bob and Doug bribe the Elsinore Brewery receptionist with donuts. It's a jelly.

Changing the subject, I had a dream the other night that I'd left some of my stuff up in my old apartment in Murfreesboro. In the dream, I went up to get the stuff, but my old apartment had been turned into a little bistro. I don't think this dream means anything. I woke up astounded, however, at just how effectively the owners had utilized the little bit of floor space we had in that little hole in the wall.

Heading down to Atlanta today. Gonna get a couple of books signed at DragonCon, and maybe I'll buy a couple of things that I don't really need. I plan to spend some time looming menacingly over Ernie Hudson, but I don't have many other plans for the day.

Just going for the day.

The group of us used to make a weekend out of it. We'd stay close to the convention site, and walk to and from. Probably the most memorable time, though, was the time the person we'd counted on to get hotel reservations didn't get them in time. We ended up staying a couple of exits up, and had to drive. The first night, we were all pretty pissed. But we managed to overcome that by drinking a lot and breaking a couple of city civil codes in the process.

But just going for the day today. Yep.


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