Thursday, October 28, 2004



I asked last night, when watching the Sox finish their sweep of that team from St. Louis with my friend Joe and his friend Joe, and I asked again on a Red Sox fan's blog (Chris's Large Regular, go read it now!), does Curt Schilling get to take over as Mayor and Lord of the City today, or does he have to wait until he gets his ankle fixed?

You know, these guys could retire, and their legacies would be set. I think David Ortiz and crew could go on a killing spree, and if the jury has a couple of Sox fans on it, Ortiz and crew couldn't be convicted.

And Curt Schilling? He should get a throne, and all the finest meats and cheeses that Boston can provide.

Those guys are going to be on the hearts, minds and their names on the tongues of the people of New England for a long, long time.

I watched last night up in Knoxville with my friend Joe, and his friend Joe. And also a cat that was fascinated by my eyeglasses (which is cool, until the cat goes from you lap to making a lunge at your face). A highlight of the night was watching the cat go sprinting across the living room, smashing face first into the clear glass door to Joe's entertainment center, which was open.

I wish I had the sound recorded. It was one for the foley artists. I nice, thick, resounding "donk."

Things we wondered during the game:

Who's the best announcer? We like Jon Miller. We like most of the Braves guys (I like all except Don Sutton)--the Braves guys, to me, are like the guys you wouldn't mind sitting with and goofing around with during a game. Joe likes Joe Morgan a little more than I do. We hate Tim McCarver. Hate. Because he feels like he needs to explain everything. Which might be fine, Joe says correctly, if he weren't explaining the same things that he, and nearly ever other commentator, explains in detail every game.

How drunk was Pedro?

Bud Selig was there. If I'm commissioner, I'm at every game, front row. It seems like perq #1. Was Bud not there for all the games, or did he just not get shown too much?

One of the Joes (the one who is not a regular commentor) pointed out that the Molina boy catching for the Cardinals has very feminine features. I didn't notice it until he had opportunity to raise up his mask, and hold it there. Yep. He looks like a girl.

Joe pointed out that Curt Schilling really likes to hear himself talk.

How many times did Keith Foulke say "Buckner" to himself on that last out? That was probably the most carefully and gingerly thrown to first ball I've seen in my life.

Why did they keep showing Jimmy Fallon? Are they that celebrity deprived? Was Jimmy Fallon shooting a movie, or something? Why was he out on the field?

It was good to see it happen, as my sleep-deprived 1:51 self could tell you.

Well, here are a few blogs from my links list run by Red Sox fans. They're good people, and today they've got a treat that their parents and a lot of their grandparents didn't even get. Enjoy it guys.

Large Regular. (Chris is a regular commentor here. I congratulate him.)

Sheila O'Malley (Sheila shows up from time to time, as well.)

Obscurorama. (So does Dan, now that I think about it...)

Llama Butchers


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