Thursday, January 13, 2005



I told the story the other day of meeting a fellow Chicago Cub fan at the post office. He told the story of how he listened to his Cubbies on the radio in that post, reader cubbiebluestew chimed in a similar length of experience when it comes to the Cubbies.

I don't mean to single Stew out. He's been reading for a while though. And I'd never thought about age when it comes to anybody who's reading these little diatribes I write.

So it got me to being curious.

In the comments section, fire off your year of birth. You can even post anonymously, if you like (Steven, we all know you were born in 1968, so don't even try that "I'm only 31" (or 32) mess...)

I'll start it off...I'm a 1977 kid....


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