Saturday, January 15, 2005



Another quick annoyance....buying a book you've been looking for a while, and then finding it at the used book store for much less, even after having looked there 19 times. The price wasn't significant enough to try to take the new book back to see if I could get my money back or trade for something else...but still, you get that small feeling in the back of your head that somebody, somewhere, is getting a chuckle out of it. (I tend to blame Loki)

Got the e-mail from the Jeopardy people yesterday, so I get to go do the constestant test and audition in Atlanta next month, assuming this here internet doesn't do something devious and eat e-mails or anything.

This will be my sixth time trying out for the show. I'm a stubborn cuss, I guess. Possibly misguided, I mean, it's just a quiz show.

Going to Bristol later today, to see some family. We'll talk to ya'll later....


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