Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tuesday Quick Random Thoughts

Tuesday Quick Random Thoughts

Somehow, the morning on Tuesday squirts through my fingers quicker than the other mornings.

I'm not gonna rant about wrasslin' this morning. Except to say that if the WWE is going to continue to shove Randy Orton in my face as a main-eventer, they could, at least, get him to calm down enough when reading to his teleprompter to not use phrases like "my most greatest night," in reference to his World Title win in Canada.

Is it as ass-freezingly cold where you are? Probably colder, I'll wager. But we got down to 9 degrees up here at the BSTommy Compound. God Bless You if you're someplace like Minnesota, or even in the aforementioned Great White North. I like the cold, but I don't like the cold which causes my testicles to hide somewhere up around the lungs.

Three of my Dad's sisters are going to President Bush's Inauguration this Thursday. Mostly for the experience of having gone, though at least one was a big W booster...I know that one is not a fan, and is going simply for the experience of having seen a swearing-in ceremony.

My friend Julie e-mailed to say she was reading Carl Hiaasen's Skinny Dip. I think I'll pick that one up to read as my lunchtime book. It's been a while since I've read something at the same time as somebody else.

I just finished Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan's diary of the 2004 Red Sox season Faithful. I enjoyed it, even if it got a touch tedious...O'Nan's sections were a little boring to me...too much recounting of individual games. Good for some, I guess. But while I was reading, I was more interested in the gut reactions of the two fans than what was actually happening in the Sox season.

Still, I liked the messages between the two writers, mostly bitching about their team. Mr. King screaming for somebody, anybody, to take a pitch!!!, and both their hostility towards manager Terry Francona, whom they name at one point as a puppet for Theo Epstein in the Art Howe/Billy Beane/Moneyball mold. I liked their bitching because it reminded me so much of what a lot of blog writers do on their sites about their respective teams.....


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