Monday, January 10, 2005



I think I just saw a feller, on the news, getting saved from floods in California. Perhaps a little too late, for his tastes. It seems the flood (I assume it was the flood) swepts his britches away from him. They were having to blur his privates. He may have had underwear. There was whiteness in the blur. But considering that that part of my body hasn't seen may have just been his pasty, pasty skin.

I'm sure he didn't mind his ass showing. I mean, his life was in that there mortal danger, so I'm sure "Ass and Balls Swinging Free in Public" was at least second on his list of priorities, behind "Not Dying." I don't think I would mind, even if this seems like exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me.

Not only was I stupid/unlucky enough to get swept up in flood waters, and trapped out in the middle of the raging torrent. But the damned water took my pants and underpants with it.

I just see the guy out, trapped in the water, saying to himself "Well, it can't get any worse than this..." And then the water takes his pants....

Now, if it were me trapped out in the flood, it would be the day that I had to do something odd, like wear the undies that got dyed pink with the red sock in the wash, or the day that I wear the Spider-Man underoos. So, I get saved by these really tough and heroic people, and we look down, and I'm wearing 2XL sized Spider-Man Underwear.

The sad/funny thing is that I'm equally sure he's got at least one jerkass friend who, when all the weather junk is out of the way, is going to show him the video, just to laugh.

"Hey Rob? Remember that time you got saved from the flood with your balls hanging out...."


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