Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Brief Wrasslin' Thought

Brief Wrasslin Thought

Last night's interview promo with Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan was interesting, because in the space of three minutes, they managed to touch on four different interview and promo types.

It starts out with your typical WWE interview from the past three or four years, where you have just some random pretty face interviewing the wrestler, with Jonathan Coachman, who could be this generation's Mean Gene but isn't yet, interviewing Michaels. Michaels gets irritated with Coach, and he shoves him out of the picture.

With Michaels talking directly to the camera, and by extension, we the wrestling fans, it becomes for a short time, the ECW promo, where it's up the wrestler to communicate with the fans without the benefit of an interviewer to provide an outline.

Within seconds, with Hulk Hogan enters the fray, it becomes a WCW/End of Nitro interview. All Nitros seemed to end with an interview, and it's a stretch, I like to think this segment of the interview, with Shawn and Hogan talking to each other, takes us back to that era.

And then, Hogan pulls Mean Gene Okerlund into the teevee and it becomes a WWF/Hulkamania era interview, with Mean Gene playing straight man to both Hogan, and Michaels.

One other thought...I was kinda wondering about the outcome of the Regal match until I realized the WWE propensity for having a guy job and/or get a beatdown in his hometown. It's the WWE Hometown Beatdown, and Regal was this week's recipient.

Regal's book might be an interesting read. He's an old carnival type. Got his start in a throw-back kind of way that most of the guys in the squared circle missed, nowadays

Let's go to work....


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