Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mostly Baseball Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night

Mostly Baseball Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night

Haven't had an insomnia post for a while. Been up for an hour or so. Kinda contemplating not even going back to bed, because I'll just have to get up in an hour, anyway.

Did want to note before I start that I ate supper with Eric from Straight White Guy last night. Couple of beers. Some spicy chicken. A bit of conversation. Good stuff.

Okay, so I can't sleep, right? I get onto the interweb and what do I see? Well, the Cubs did ultimately lose their game with the Reds. I heard as I was wandering towards sleep last night, listening to the Braves broadcast on the radio. I hear that Big Z also got kicked out. That's what? 2 times in four starts? Five starts?

Didn't see the game. Haven't seen highlights. Did he throw at Kearns?

I would have. I have an irrational dislike for Austin Kearns. I don't understand why, either.

That being neither here nor there, we gotta do something to calm Big Z down a little bit. I like the fire. But I'm afraid he's gonna pull out a gun and shoot an umpire and/or an opposing player some time this season. I just can't get behind that. I don't like umpires or any of the St. Louis Cardinals either, but we can't count on Mark Prior or Mrs. Wood to start 30 times. We don't need to see Zambrano-doubtful (incarcerated) in the newspaper.

Also, I see that the hated New York Yankees win their game.

But not only that, a certain bajillionaire gets 10 RBI's in the game. Which sucks doubly. I mean, the Yankees win on the shoulders of that onslaught, which is bad enough. But also, every player on my fantasy league team, with the exception of Dontrelle Willis, who was like my 18th round pick, decided to start slowly this season, and it is only now that I have managed to put together a string a solid days. I climb out of the cellar this weekend, and what happens?

Last place Steven has his ARod, behind that 10 RBI performance, and combined with Zambrano's combination throwing beachballs for the Cincinnati Reds to hit and temper tantrums, I'll probably fall into last place again.

Maybe I should pick up Emil Brown. As a good luck charm.


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