Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Thoughts

Katrina Thoughts

Big Stupid Tommy, actually, is your hurricane headquarters. You know that, right? CNN ain't nothing but a bunch of hobag wannabes.

My Hurricane Katrina Top 5:

5. The oil rig coming loose from its shipyard moorings and smashing into the bridge in Alabama. That's different.

4. The woman drinking beer out of the plastic cup looking up and down the street in the French Quarter after the storm's blown through, and the "back to business" attitude she had about doing it.

3. The 812 times they showed the 3 foot section of roof blown off the hotel in which the CNN Correspondent was staying, in Biloxi, Mississippi. If I'd have been drinking yesterday, that would have been what I've drank to.

2. The guy arguing with the Parish Police over whether he had to evacuate his trailer or not. You get these guys every storm. They've watched a Texas size storm approach with 175 mph winds, but they think some cardboard over the windows is all they need to protect their Beanie Baby Collection in their trailer. Natural Selection should have run its course.

1. The guy who decided to run his car down a flooded street in New Orleans. If you've watched, you've seen the video. The guy with a windbreaker and jeans runs out into the water, and does the thing where you run fine until it gets to knee depth. The best part is the completely bewildered look on the face of the guy who drove into the water, after he gets pulled out of the window of his car.


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