Monday, August 29, 2005



A few random thoughts, this morning:

Your old pal Tommy is off of work today. Which is a good thing. Owing to his being so tired. He feels like he's been working like mad, lately. This is mostly because he's been working like mad, lately.

I am off today. I have resolved to head south (or maybe north) to find something to do. Perhaps a movie. I've not seen a movie in a theater for a long time. Six weeks, maybe. I haven't seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yet. And one person whose opinion I trust liked the 40-year-old Virgin. And I see that the Bill Murray/Jim Jarmusch Broken Flowers movie's playing up in Knoxville.


Is there anything ironic about CNN's Anderson Cooper, who's been standing out in the winds of Hurricane Katrina in Baton Rouge for the past several hours, commenting on the idiocy of somebody else coming out to play in the wind?


I haven't been reading as much this summer as I usually do. Don't know why. Other things on my mind, I guess.

I just finished Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian. I liked it quite a bit. I'll try to put more thoughts on that later.


Have I mentioned that I hate the Cubs? I dunno. I think it's seeing all the games where you can't muster more than a run for a complete game loss by Greg Maddux, but the next day you run around like ragamuffins pumping your fists and high fiving after putting 14 on the board.

It's one thing to come out of the gates like that against mediocre pitching.

A winning team knows how to wear a pitcher like Dontrelle Willis down, manufacturing a run or two in the process.

Rob had a call a week or so ago. Give up the ghost, put the Matt Murtons and Felix Pie's in, let them see what Major League pitchers look like for a month. If we're not going to let them play for us, let them audition for other teams to use as trade bait.

I will say that I think getting rid of Matt Lawton is a nice start.


Well. I'm getting out of the house. You guys have a good one.


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