Friday, November 04, 2005

Call for a Moratorium

Call for a Moratorium

One of the little things in life that bug me....

Why, when somebody gets injured playing a sport, do sportscasters feel so compelled to show the injury over and over, going to such lengths as to slo-mo the event, spotshadow it or circle it to bring your attention to it?

Watching a little bit of SportCenter (which is half my problem, I realize), and Shaq rolled his ankle during a game against the Pacers last night, and what does ESPN do but put the injury into slow motion and put a spot-shadow around the injury, so that I can see the big man's ankle roll grotesquely, and so that I can see the pain bloom on Shaq's face.

Dude, just tell me that he rolled his ankle. I'll believe you.


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