Friday, February 17, 2006

The Sloth

The Sloth

It appears that Rob has hung up the blogging pants over at Uncouth Sloth.

Don't know why, exactly. I can speculate, but it wouldn't be fair to him to do it here. One day, when he's ready, I'm sure he'll come forward to tell his story.

Until then, I'll just say thanks, Rob. Yours was a good blog.

I'll also say that I hope you pop in from time to time.

I found a kinship with Rob, in his critical eye, in his skeptical take of all things Chicago Cubs. Kept reading, found a guy with a wicked sense of humor, and unique take on the absurdity and outrage he saw around him. Made a connection, and I'm not a guy who makes connections easily, and even more tentatively online. Here's a dude, I said to myself, who's got his own point of view, and I dig it.

And I gotta admit, the girlie pictures didn't hurt.....

His wasn't the first Chicago Cubs blog I found, but it quickly became the first, and sometimes the only, one I checked every day.

I like to think we developed a pretty good relationship online. Did a little guestblogging over there. He was one of the first regular commentors over here who was not somebody who read my blog simply because I'd e-mailed them saying "Look, I made a blog!"

He'd laugh at my jokes, call me on my bullshit. Sent me a hat for my oversized dome...set me up with one of the "I Believe" rubberbands...took care of me as a Cubs fan on the local level when I'm down here in BFE....

Anyway. I still owe Slothy a beer or six.

Hopefully he'll pop back up. When he's ready. Let us know what's gone on.

Not much else to say here. A bummer, to be sure.

Thanks, Rob. We'll see you around.


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