Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night

Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night

Just a couple of random thoughts, before I start getting ready to work.

Haven't had an insomnia post in a while. Haven't had a good bout of no sleep in a while.

Woke up before the alarm this morning. About an hour. Wanted to go back to sleep. Tried, but couldn't. I blame the economy.

When I woke, I was having a dream where I was calling a friend of mine, but whenever I dialed her number, I kept getting the U.S. Coast Guard. Apparently, the Coast Guard doesn't like it when you call their number, and ask for Stephanie.

They threatened me for calling over and over, but I remember saying that I wasn't so worried about them, owing to that I live 500 miles inland.

I also remember a fragment of a dream, where I was dubious when trying to catch snakes with rolled up balls of tape.


What's this crap where I actually get the opportunity to watch the Cubs three times in the last four days, and those three games they lose by combined scores those days of 33-2?

Maybe it's Jeebus's way of telling me to get off my ass and mow the yard.

I've long suspected that if the Cubs are ever going to win it all, I'm not going to be able to watch. They have this neverending capacity to lose when I'm watching. I've ended winning streaks. But this mess where they not only lose, but get the everliving shit kicked out of them, it's kind of a new one on me. I can tell you that already it's a bit tiresome.

A winning record is some comfort, but it's looking like the Central's going to be a dogfight all season. Even as hot as they are, I don't expect Cincinnati to be in the mix all season, but Houston, Milwaukee and St Louis have the chops for the long haul.

Don't know about the Cubbies. It scares me that the offense is thrown into such disarray with the loss of one component, even if it is a monster like D-Lee. And it's not even the loss of Lee that's hurting's like they forgot the successes of small ball and run manufacture from the first three weeks.

It could just be one of those typical Cubbie slumps, where it's not just a guy, but everybody in the 1-8 hole who decide to take a dump on the field for a week.

I just wish it wouldn't coincide with the times when the pitching staff decides to show its young age.


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