Friday, September 14, 2007

Notes from the Ass End of the Night

Notes from the Ass End of the Night

There are three things in life I hate:

1.) Wet Toilet Paper
2.) Cold Coffee
3.) Working till I'm stupid, because somebody else can't do their job.

And racism. I also hate racism.

Four things.

But mostly those first three things.

Especially number three.


By the time it's said and done at 5 PM, some 16 hours from now, I'll have worked something like 37 hours in a 60 hour span.

And you wonder why the site's called Big Stupid Tommy.

It oughta be called Big Working Like a Botard Tommy.

BTW, I don't know what "Working Like a Botard" means. But, By Gum!, I say it a lot.


Whenever I see the acronym "LOL", I think of one word: Sloey.

There may be 2 (two) people who read this blog who get that last joke.

Maybe just one.


Tommy needum sleep.

By the way: Here's a morbid thought. A full on 2/3 of my Sophomore year high school teachers are now dead. My English and Speech teacher (she taught two classes) passed away a few days ago. My Chemistry teacher and Chorus director both in the summer.

Should my Latin teacher and Geometry teacher be concerned?

Now that I think about it, only two of my senior year teachers are currently surviving, as well.


I really should write something about my chorus director, though. Dr. Manley was a good guy who helped bring me out of my shell a little bit. Maybe that's a post for another day. I'll say that I was really bummed that I didn't find out he'd passed until it was too late to go to the funeral. That was a real shame.


Let's go find more sleep. Gotta get up in 5 hours to go back to stupid work.


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