Sunday, November 18, 2007

Discussion Topic

Discussion Topic

This came up in conversation the other day. It's a conversation we've all had, I think. I'm just curious about your answers.

The question: What is the worst movie you've paid to see in the theater, and sat through?

I'll preface this by saying that I have walked out of movies. But, given that I live a half-hour from a decent theater, it's usually an excursion to go see a flick. That doesn't mean I'll sit through it if it's a complete turd, but I'll give it more of a try. Still, the walkout that comes to mind most recently: My Super Ex-Girlfriend;

My answer for the worst movie I've paid to see in a theater and sat through? It's a tie.

The first is Blues Brothers 2000. I love the original. Took a date to see it, in what was easily the worst date of my life, probably hers; it may be in the running for worst date in human history that did not end in one or both parties dead. The movie? Takes every positive quality from the original flick, and disregards it completely. Dan Aykroyd has yet to redeem himself, in my eyes. My date did not enjoy it. Neither did eye, but each of us thought the other was loving it, so we didn't say anything.

The second? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I saw with the Evil Hippy.

What a horrible shit of a movie, even on its own merits. But when compared to the source material, which is easily one of my favorite comics, it's all the more disappointing.

Halfway in, I was ready to go back out into the lobby, to bide my time and play the Star Wars arcade game until the movie was over. I stayed, I think, because I hoped the movie might live up to something close to what the comic was.

Bill and I learned later that we were each feeling the same about the flick.

What a horrible movie.....


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