Tuesday, November 20, 2007



I once new a guy named Monty. I'd never have believed such a thing, except that he told me, point blank, "my name is Monty." He preferred Monty over LaMont, which was his given name. I never asked what his middle name was. I'd bet that it was something fairly atrocious, like Smegma, to opt for "Monty" in favor of it.

I'm a fan of a few older names, to be honest. Not Monty, so much. But many older names that you don't hear so much. There aren't enough George's, to my mind. I don't meet enough people named Frank, now that I think about it. Lou, either. I think Lou is a good name for a guy. I think I'll name my kid Lou.

Lou Batman Acuff.

Anyway, I know you guys were wondering amongst yourselves just what my favorite Monty Python sketch is. It's really a tough decision, but for my monty, you can't go wrong with The Cheese Shop

Diane sent me a link where this guy's linked up 150 Python sketches. Lots of good stuff there. You're just dicking around at work, most likely. So, don't think twice about watching Ministry of Silly Walks seventeen times today.


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