Monday, January 07, 2008



Just a couple notes, stuff I've added.

I've written about it once or twice, but I took a second to add The Blogging Gal to the sidebar. How Tish finds the words and time to blog two blogs of her own, and contribute to a third? I'll never know. But she does excellent work on Blogging Gal, which is filled with tips and tricks for those who enjoy the hobby. I liked this post on the importance of feeds. As a person who needs to be a little better organized, I took that one to heart. I love Google Reader. I recommend you give it a look, both Tish's article and Google's reader.

Also, I've been laughing at The Angry Pharmacist. Tish gave me that link, too. I've not taken the three seconds it takes to add a link. Go give him a look. I dug this one, on the trepidation of looking forward...


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