Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How to Market a Movie to Tommy

How to Market a Movie to Tommy...

I quote myself. As I am infinitely quotable. I wrote this in my positive review of Day After Tomorrow.

I've said it before. If you need me to go see your movie, there are two shots you need to put in your trailer: 1.) Some famous landmark getting swept away, smashed by a comet or being climbed by a giant monster, and 2.) A bunch of people running away from it.


Have you ever heard a 6'4" dude go insane with excitement?

When I first saw the trailer for Cloverfield, back when we only knew it as, well, Cloverfield, I nearly crapped my pants.

Explosions? Check.
The head of the Statue of Liberty bouncing down the street? Check.
People running? Check.

You know, this movie could be 1 hour, 41 minutes of the Republican candidates for President comparing personal practical religious philosophies, and I don't think it would matter, if it just started with the explosion, and ended with a monster knocking down a few buildings in New York. I'd still go see it.

I think most movies would be made better by having a monster tear-assing down the street, knocking buildings over.

Man, Rampage was a good game. That's neither here nor there. But Rampage really was a good video game. Maybe one of the best.

Anyway. Will I be there when Cloverfield comes out?

You damn betcha. Because I am the world's easiest person to advertise to.


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