Wednesday, January 02, 2008



One of the opportunities I spoke of in a post day or two ago is that I've agreed to a transfer to a store in a town just south of where I live. It's tough moving away from the folks I've worked with these past 3 years, and I'm gonna miss them. But this is a good opportunity for me--a chance for a change of scenery.

Problem is, it eats up an extra hour a day or so of my life in drive time. Not such a big deal, I guess, as there's probably 18 or 19 billion people in the world with worse commute times.

But, it does involve waking earlier.

So, though I know it rarely works, I try to go to bed earlier. The alarm's set for 5:15. That'll give me time to shower, eat a sandwich, goof off on the internet for a few minutes and head to work.

But as I'm lying, restless, in my bed last night, with the radio on for white noise, I start hearing traffic alerts.

At 11:15, on New Year's Day?

Ice. Everywhere.

They'd called for flurries.

Now there's ice.


Wish my luck, people. If you see my truck skidded off into the woods somewhere, just bring me one of those dogs with the bourbon. I tend to think that would be the best cure for the cold....


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